Real Estate Settlements

Whether you’re buying or selling, we keep the settlement process simple and take care of your needs every step of the way.

Related Party Transfers

When you buy a property from or sell/give a property to a related party (such as a family member), you may wish to complete a Family…

Private Sales

We can help you write up an offer and acceptance, add special conditions, and assist you to take your private sale all the way through to settlement.

Transmission Applications

If a sole proprietor or a tenant-in-common has passed away, a Transmission Application will transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the…

Survivorship Applications

If a joint tenant has passed away, a Survivorship Application will transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the remaining joint tenant(s).

Separation Transfers

When a domestic relationship comes to an end a Separation Transfer will transfer the property into the names agreed to in the separation agreement.

Change of Title

When you change your name – either due to marriage, divorce, or via deed poll – it makes sense to update your details on the Certificate of Title to…


If you’ve subdivided a property,we’ll liaise with your surveyor to lodge the application for new titles…

Marriage/De Facto Transfers

If you wish to add your spouse or de facto partner onto the title, a Marriage/De Facto Transfer can be carried out, often without incurring stamp duty.