We practice the following security measures to keep your information and transaction safe.

Physical security

Security starts in the office. Our third-floor location, out-of-hours swipe card access and monitored alarm mean physical intrusion is no easy feat! If that’s not enough, the entire building is safeguarded by an additional alarm system.

Our conveyancers work from our office, so your information never leaves our system. You won’t find your conveyancer working on your file from a coffee shop where your confidential information can be stolen by a hacker using packet sniffing software.

Strong Passwords

Our computers are protected with premium password management software. You won’t find passwords scrawled on sticky notes or tucked away, written on the inside cover of a diary, or in filing cabinets. And our passwords are ridiculously long and complex making our computers hard to compromise.

Digital file storage

Settlement agents are required to store files for at least six years after settlement. That’s six years where your file is in their possession so it makes sense to know where and how your sensitive data is being stored. Is it safe from theft? Could it be destroyed by fire? Who can access it?

After settlement, we scan every last page of your file and store it on our server with access restricted to only those who need it. Once the file is scanned all paper is destroyed using a professional records destruction service. Your file will never be stored in a home garage, spare bedroom, or self-lock storage facility.

Virus protection

We keep your confidential information safe and sound with effective, up-to-date virus and malware protection and multiple backups per day.

Two-factor authentication

We take email security seriously and that’s why we’ve implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) on our email logins. This means a password isn’t enough to gain access – a passcode, sent to a device controlled by the user, is also required.

But we go even further with our trust accounts by using an encryption device that authenticates our connection with the bank to deliver a third level of protection.

Rest easy knowing that all email correspondence is private and confidential.

PO Box and Trustworthy Team

Even if you’re using snail mail, our PO Box means scammers have less chance of intercepting sensitive information.

Of course, all this is very well, but you also need to know you can trust the people that are handling your information. That’s why we’re absolutely rigorous about who we employ, and our licensee shares our open-plan office to provide direct oversight.

All prospective employees are required to provide a WA police clearance certificate and multiple references, and we conduct monthly one-on-one meetings with every team member. We only employ the best, so you can rest easy knowing your information is completely safe within our walls.

SSL Certificate

Our website, too, has multiple layers of security. Most importantly, our website includes an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. SSL is the industry standard technology for protecting the integrity and privacy of the connection between our web server and your browser, ensuring an extremely low risk of identity theft. Our website also has advanced intrusion detection and prevention methods operating 24/7.

State-of-the-art Security System

On their own, none of these layers are particularly impressive. But together, they constitute a state-of-the-art security system that actively protects your private information. We are constantly reviewing our risk and crisis management processes to be sure that even if our building burned down, we’d be back up and running within hours. But you can never be too careful, and our $5 million professional indemnity insurance policy is in place so that if the worst were to happen, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t put your investment and your future at risk. Find a settlement agent that values the security of your investment as much as you do.