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Long before settlement and completion of the Offer and Acceptance, a seller must do all they can to attract the best price for their home – which means spending money on advertising.

But when it comes to real estate advertising, where exactly should a seller’s dollars go?

In a recent article, the Australian Financial Review pointed out that while most money would traditionally go towards print advertisements, a series of price rises by may mean that vendors need to put more of their spend into online ads.

As usual, there’s strong opinions on both sides of the print vs online advertising debate:

[Marshall White director John Bongiorno] said he won’t be cutting his print budget, and if anything he will be increasing it. While online works well for cheaper properties, print brings better results for those priced at more than $1 million.


[Bennison Mackinnon’s Andrew McCann] said brought the best results, so he would be encouraging his clients to make the extra spend. “It’s the number-one website for buyer enquiry based on our own research,”

Seeing an opportunity to improve upon current advertising methods, some sellers have even taken up social media as a grass-roots way of promoting their property.

Ultimately, how much is spent on each type of advertising is up to the vendor.

What do you think? Is print the most effective method of advertising – or is online the way of the future?

(Thanks to Maverick Strategies for sharing the Fin Review article.)