Barnet advert, photo by John Keogh

Should real estate agents still be using print media, or is the future online?

Debate is raging on this topic, sparked by a REA Group state manager’s question to his LinkedIn contacts:

When will it become morally wrong for an agent to promote print to a vendor? All I keep hearing from agents is that it is getting harder and harder to get VPA in print and they are seeing diminishing returns. – Tom Ainsworth

If print is a dead medium, then it is wrong for agents to encourage sellers to pay for printed advertising.

But is print really dead?

Many agents say no, the majority of serious buyers learn about the property though ads in the newspaper or other print media. But there are mixed opinions – just look at the comments on Glenn Batton’s post.

What many of those comments do reveal is that a mix of print and online advertising is seeing results. One comment, for example, says:

…the tendancy of buyers now is to see the property in the paper, then go online and find out more info which seems to be the case here. – Chris

Anecdotes like these suggest that buyers turn to the internet to find more information on properties – whether that be Googling the property address, or going directly to the agent’s website after seeing the property advertised in the paper.

The moral: whatever form of real estate advertising you choose, don’t be invisible online – make sure your buyers can easily find information about the properties you’re selling.

What do you think: is print advertising doomed?

Image by John Keogh via Flickr.