Thanks for asking us to provide you with a settlement quote. You’ll find it below. But before you choose a settlement agent…

How sure are you that your settlement will happen on time?

Between now and settlement you’re going to face a lot of hurdles. Finance approval, mortgage documents, building inspections – each is a ticking time bomb capable of delaying your settlement by days or even weeks!

And each delay could cost you hundreds if not thousands in expensive penalty interest.

We’re committed to ensuring this doesn’t happen to you!


That’s right, if we cause your settlement to be delayed beyond the grace period, we won’t charge you a Professional Service Fee.

But how can we make such a crazy offer?

Well, the secret is in our processes. Over the past 30 years we’ve completed settlements for tens of thousands of buyers just like yourself. During that time we’ve learned what’s needed to get you to settlement on time!

I used Residential Settlements to settle a house in Melville, it was seamless. They did everything and powered through my foibles with admin. They were amazing, get on board with them!



So, just what will we do for you?

When it comes to property settlements, missing a due date by even a few minutes can have expensive legal consequences.

For example, many special conditions contain wording that cause you to lose the benefit of the condition if you haven’t taken action by a specified date and time. Forget to do your building inspection on time and you could be forced to buy a house that’s structurally unsound!

That’s why we start the process with a detailed review of your contract that will identify issues that might delay your settlement.

In particular we’ll check for these four common contract mistakes:

  • Your name being misspelled, incorrect, or incomplete. Any of these can lead to reprocessed documents and lengthy settlement delays.

  • Buying the property in the wrong name, which can lead to being charged double stamp duty.

  • Poorly worded or missing conditions that could compromise your legal rights and expose you to expensive litigation.

  • Due dates on special conditions that allow you insufficient time to arrange and complete important building inspections.

We’ll protect you from:

  • Expensive late lodgement fines.

  • The danger posed by not having your finance approved on time.

  • The risk of not completing your timber pest inspection before the due date.

Feel like you're being railroaded by the real estate agent?

Every day we hear about buyers being being railroaded by real
estate agents trying to get a deal together.

But we won’t let that happen to you!

We know the difference between a condition and warranty. We
know when you’re entitled to delay settlement or claim penalty
interest of your own.

We'll provide you advice on:

  • Who you can bring to the pre-settlement inspection.

  • Your rights when issues are identified by the structural inspection.

  • Exactly when you can get your hands on the keys.

  • What you’re entitled to ask the seller to fix prior to settlement.

  • The documents you should avoid signing at all costs!

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Hi, I’m Les Buchbinder, lawyer and director at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky. I welcome the opportunity to work with the team at Residential Settlements to offer you legal advice through a free initial telephone consultation. And my guarantee to you is this: If I can’t help you resolve your legal issue within our initial phone consultation I’ll provide you with a fixed fee proposal so that you know exactly how much to budget for. Together with the team at Residential Settlements I’m 100% committed to protecting your interests in this transaction.

Les Buchbinder
Bowen Buchbinder
Vilensky Solicitors

Do you know exactly how much money you're going to need to complete settlement?

If you’re like most buyers you probably have a rough idea.

But between now and settlement you could be faced with hundreds, if not thousands, in extra costs.

And those extra costs can be the source of lots of stress.

That’s why, within days of starting your settlement, we’ll provide you
with an estimate of the amount you’ll be required to provide on

The last thing we want is for you to be unable to settle because you’re short of funds.

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Don't get hit with an unpaid rates bill of thousands!

Unless your settlement is done right, you could be up for thousands in water and council rates left unpaid by the previous owner.

It can – and does – happen!

But we won’t let it happen to you.

We’ll make sure that all rates and taxes owing on the property are paid BEFORE handing over a cent of your hard-earned money.

Don't spend $40, $50 or even more per person on your identity verification!

Since February 2018, all buyers are required to have their identities
verified prior to their name being entered on the land registry.

Many settlement agents and ID verification services charge $40,
$50 or even more per person to complete their clients’ identity

That means a couple could be paying an extra $100 or more to complete their settlement.

Not with us!

Just bring your ID documents into our office and we’ll complete your verification FREE!

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We’ll help you understand the fine print on your title

Do you know the difference between a caveat and restrictive covenant?Between a memorial and an easement?

Knowing what these terms mean can be trickier than learning another language.

We’ll explain to you, in plain English, the nature of the encumbrances that will remain on your title after settlement.

We want you to understand how each of these encumbrances will
affect your enjoyment of the property after settlement.

I used Residential Settlements to settle a house in Melville, it was seamless. They did everything and powered through my foibles with admin. They were amazing, get on board with them!



Here's Your Personal Fee Estimate


Estimated Government cost and Disbursements
Transfer (stamp) duty
Landgate registration fee
Estimated government enquiry fees
Electronic conveyancing fee

Estimated Total


Do I need to attend settlement?

No. That’s our job! You’ll have plenty to do! Like popping the cork off a bottle of champers!

Are there any hidden fees?

No! Once we have a copy of your sales contract we’ll send you a customised fee disclosure that includes all fees and charges.

When do I pay you?

Our fee is paid on settlement and forms part of the funds you’ll be asked to provide settlement.

How do I pay you?

In most instances our fee is paid out of settlement funds. Any additional funds required for settlement can be paid via BPAY.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes. We’ll provide you with our BPAY details and you can use this to pay via credit card.

Are there any additional costs to if I pay by credit card?

No so long as you pay using BPAY.

Do you offer legal advice?

We’re not lawyers but our partnership with BBV Legal mean you have access to some of Perth’s best lawyers. Your initial telephone consultation is free.

Does your quote include GST?

Yes. All our quoted fees include GST.

Do you disconnect our utilities?

No but we can provide you with a change of address checklist that will help you get this job done.

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