A photo of Nikita the dog

When it comes to running a productive and efficient office, a manager’s thoughts often turn to processes, office guidelines, and staff management.

But what about the atmosphere of an office? Here at Ressetts, we’ve learned that if one thing is going to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere in an office, it’s pets.

On a busy day at work, a pet is an oasis of calm. We’ve had family dogs, a basketful of kittens and an office fish hang out at Ressetts and their happy presence noticeably boosts morale.

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Experts like psychotherapist Terri Bodell say that pets in an office actually improve productivity by:

  • Encouraging employees to relax,
  • Reducing heart rate and lowering blood pressure,
  • Promoting a productive and positive frame of mind, and
  • Encouraging social interaction, leading to more effective collaboration.

So can pets gel with the professional environment of a real estate office?

Investors Edge director Jarrad Mahon thinks so:

Pets bring life to the workplace and are great way to unify the team culture by keeping the work environment fun and playful. I bring my puppy Bella to the office every month or so and make sure she doesn’t have access to front reception area so we can maintain our professional image. – Jarrad

The lovely Pam Herron from Beaufort Real Estate also takes her dog (Mr. Jeffrey Edelgeist) to work and loves it.

Jeffrey AKA Jdog brings a bit of fun to the office, he sleeps most of the day but comes out at lunch time in case a scrap falls on the floor, it makes the office feel homely and comfortable, the staff love him and most clients appreciate that we are all animal lovers. -Pam

As head of security, Jeffrey clearly serves a practical purpose too.

So, do you bring your pet to work? Why not? Let me know in the comments.