Every day, @ressets tweets out the most interesting or useful articles we come across. Here’s some of my favourite links from this week:

Monday: Perth’s property shift as population booms. This perthnow article gives us a glimpse into the future of Perth’s property: a higher population is likely to lead to increased urban consolidation.


Tuesday: Which Home Remodelling & Repair Projects Pay Off? Remodelling a home is a common way to boost your return on that property, but not every project is worth its salt. Home office remodelling and adding a bathroom are no longer good investments, but other projects – such as a minor kitchen remodel – is a great value-add.


Wednesday: Man sells Northcote house for well above reserve using social media. This isn’t the sensationalist story the title makes it out to be – a man really did use social media to market his house, but it was the meaningful and genuine way that he did it (not just the technology) that made it a success. I wrote a blog post about it: How a Home Owner Used Social Media to Sell His Home.


Thursday: Top end properties were never good investments. The top of the market might seem like a safe place to be, but Michael Yardney explains why prestige property markets are especially susceptible to economic downturns.


Friday: How “Little” Brokerages Can Get “Bigger”. As property portals charge agents more and more to have their properties listed and offer big brokerages price deals, some people are asking if small, independent real estate brokers are a dying breed. Drew Meyers voices a unique idea to improve the exposure of small brokerages: teaming up.


On Monday, Peter and I used Twitter to participate in a worldwide #blogchat about blog plugins. Here’s some of the best blog-related advice I saw being shared around:




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