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Read through our favourite links this week to find some useful articles on social media marketing and current events.

Monday: The hilarious Sh*t Real Estate Agents Say video parodies people in real estate, adding to the growing meme of Sh*t ___ Say videos:!/Ressetts/status/168895982925381632

Tuesday: How to make your customers fall in love with your website. Aptly named for Valentines Day, this article drives home the importance of cultivating trust with your website users.!/Ressetts/status/169224621999128576

Wednesday: The cost of living – if the facts aren’t sensational enough, just add a twist. Matt Cowgill explains how the media misrepresents ‘cost of living’ reports by using the American dollar as the measuring stick.!/Ressetts/status/169635227998752770

Thursday: Here’s what people look at on Facebook Brand Pages. Mashable and EyeTrackShop have determined what catches the eyes of Facebook users, by tracking eye movements across Facebook pages. It will be interesting to see how these trends change when Timeline is rolled out for brand pages.!/Ressetts/status/169945991296974848

Friday: How to make your Company a Social Media Powerhouse in Just Two Days. Seth Price addresses the reluctance of businesses to join social media by mapping out a two-day activity plan to get everyone in your company excited about social media.!/Ressetts/status/170349319835222016

And here’s a couple of other people’s tweets I found useful:!/CoMoRealty/status/169300652999184384!/AskAaronLee/status/169221067322306560