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Every week, I compile a list of the most useful links that @Ressets (our twitter account) has tweeted out. Here they are:

Monday: Why “Blog Clients” Are Better Than Leads. Although this article is a year old, it makes a great point about the power of content production. Ardell DellaLoggia says that when she gets a call from a potential client who’s been reading her blog, that client isn’t just interested in a property of hers – they want to use her as their agent.!/Ressetts/status/166356714361327616

Tuesday: Australia in blast zone of Europe implosion. A reminder of the potential threats to Australia’s property market, which appears to be bottoming out.!/Ressetts/status/166694251302879233

Wednesday: Changes at the top for REIWA. REIWA’s Anne Arnold is stepping down from the CEO position. She says that one of her proudest achievements was the growth of REIWA’s website, highlighting the significance of a strong web presence.!/Ressetts/status/167072907175006208

Thursday: On the “Value Add” of a Real Estate Agent. Where some agents are describing listing data as integral to their success, Jay Thompson points out that it’s the added knowledge of the nuances of a suburb (knowledge of traffic, neighbours, etc) that set real estate agents apart from machines.!/Ressetts/status/167466521998798848

Friday: Friends with Benefits: Strategies for Selling with Facebook for Real Estate. Stacey Harmon shares some tools and tactics for using Facebook to promote your real estate business (watch the slideshow!).!/Ressetts/status/167831447493812225

This week, I’d also like to mention a couple of other people’s tweets that I found interesting or useful:!/michaelyardney/status/166703007189319680!/the_copy_chick/status/167119488444137472

^ That last tweet is really great advice! If you want people to read their content, make it of some benefit to them – that’s what we try to do with our newsletter.

See you next week!