Residential Settlements

We regularly post links to interesting news articles or great blog posts on our Twitter. Here’s my favourite links tweeted out by @ResSetts this week:

Monday: Top 10 tips to sell your property. Presentation is everything, so Juliet Love shares valuable tips to help prospective buyers visualise themselves in a home for sale.!/Ressetts/status/163894364429492224

Tuesday: When US real estate company ARG pulled their listings from syndication websites this week, debate over whether listings syndication is worthwhile or not ensued. The Real Syndication Battle: SEO. Are Brokers Giving Away “Online Real Estate”? adds to the debate by highlighting the way syndication can damage your search engine rank.!/Ressetts/status/164221317674053633

Wednesday: The History of a Home – and How Homeowners Can Take Control of Their Home (& Listings). Drew Meyers suggests that it’s a property’s history that makes it appealing – and that an online home “timeline” could help sell homes.!/Ressetts/status/164559869754613760

Thursday: How to Make That Personal Connection Through Real Estate Blogging. A short but inspirational post from Real Estate Tomato encouraging real estate bloggers to tell “tales from the heart” to connect with readers on a personal level.!/Ressetts/status/164921135086047232

Friday: Online scam leaves renters out of pocket. The tight rental market at the moment is perfect for scammers, who are posing as landlords and asking new renters for online deposits.!/Ressetts/status/165272069603475457

We also lost our front window overnight (apparently that happens for no reason, sometimes), and had to get it replaced! (See the shattered window)!/Ressetts/status/165288075008802817

So that’s our week in tweets. Have a great weekend!