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Most real estate agents understand that the internet is an important part of their marketing and brand image.

But how can you know how to behave online? Which faux pas should you avoid?

Luckily, Twitter is here to help, with an endless stream of advice and helpful articles – plus a smattering of trivial chatter.

Twitter users have re-enforced three important online marketing lessons for me this week:

1. Just do it.

Every web user wants to make the right impression, but if you worry too much about what people think, you’ll never put yourself out there. Bloggers Mack Collier and Becky McCray summed it up pretty well with their tweets:

Mack CollierMack Collier – @MackCollier
Works for all blogs, just ship it! RT @BeckyMcCray: My new personal blog mantra: Just publish it. Stop thinking forever. 🙂 #blogchat

Great advice! Local agent Cameron Smart seems to be taking this approach – having had a blog for less than two weeks, he’s already put out his second blog post:

 Cameron SmartCameron Smart – @cameronsmart
Check Out My Latest Blog – How to sell your property for more!

‘Just publish it’ is a powerful motto and, coupled with provocative content, is an effective way to get people sharing and talking about you (and your personal brand).

Go on – put something out there!

2. Be careful with syndication.

Syndication is a useful tool for sharing the same content on different online platforms – but people have to be very careful:

Paul PichuginPaul Pichugin – @paulmp
People should be careful what tweets they post to their linkedin account.. just saw one from someone enjoying the affects of OTC drugs..

While Twitter can be a place for a bit of quirky humour (and maybe some oversharing), LinkedIn is definitely not! If you’re not sure that all the content you post is suitable for every website, it may be time to re-think your syndication. There are some useful tools out there to help you do this – for example, LinkedIn allows you to only syndicate tweets tagged with #li or #in.

3. Multimedia excites people.

Sometimes there’s no replacement for good, solid, written content. But other times, when you want people to get engaged and excited, multimedia – like photos and video – are just the ticket!

A new form of photography certainly has some members of the real estate community excited: it’s called Lytro, and it’s a camera that takes photos of the entire light field, so the images can be dynamically re-focused later.

That is cool. RT @ressetts: This is cool! Find out what a @Lytro camera is, and what it means for #realestate:

Play around with the images on Gahwold’s post to really get a feel for how it works:

Gahlord DewaldGahlord Dewald – @gahlord
Thank you @CBHBRealty for providing a venue to test out my new #Lytro camera! #photography #techreview #btv

If you don’t have a fancy Lytro camera, this lesson still applies. Adding photos and visual elements to your blog posts, Facebook statuses, etc, is almost always a good idea. Visual elements engage people when text fails!

For more online marketing advice, see the Marketing category on our blog, or follow smart tweeps like the ones mentioned above. Keeping an eye on Twitter is a good way to keep your finger on the pulse of what people do (and don’t) like to see in social media!

Image by Netzkobold via Flickr.

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  1. Great post Emily. Thanks for the inclusion. Just getting posts out there is the key from what I can see. Posting regularly with good quality content seems to be the way to go. This is a great help for beginners like me 🙂

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