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There are many great real estate websites out there – Marshall White has a beautiful and functional website, for example, and the Professionals group has a great network of matching websites with listings that are updated regularly.

Not everyone has a custom-built content-management system at their fingertips, however. For those who don’t, creating and updating your website or blog can be cumbersome – or expensive, if you pay someone else to do it.

A content-management system like WordPress is a great platform to use if you’re having trouble creating, designing, or updating your current website. With WordPress, you can create pages and good-looking web designs without having to know any code – and because it was originally designed for blogging, making regular updates to a WordPress site is a breeze.

So what does a WordPress site look like? Often they have a blog-like format, but they can look like any other website. See our website, for example:

Any aspect of our website can be changed by logging in to an admin area. Adding a new post in the ‘blog’ section is as easy as writing the post in a text-box and hitting ‘Publish’, and changing the content on pages (or adding new pages) is just as simple.

As such, WordPress is a relatively easy way to make any sort of website, and is ideal if you plan on updating your website regularly. With WordPress, you can easily customise the:

Design of your website – When creating a WordPress site, you choose from a variety of themes, which determine the colour scheme and layout of your website. These can often be customised to suit your business’ branding.

Structure – Pages are created by clicking Pages > Add new in the WordPress admin area and entering a title and the content of your page (which can include text, images, video, and music) and hitting ‘Publish’. Navigation menus that will apply to every page on the site are created through Appearance > Menus, and sidebar content can be customised with a variety of ‘widgets’.

Updates – The creation of a new post on your website is as easy as creating a page – type in the title and content of the post, and send it off! Both the content of posts and pages can be edited at any time.

If you want to get a website or blog set up quickly with minimal fuss, and you want to be able to update and post new content easily, without knowing any code, then I highly recommend using WordPress. There are two ways to make a WordPress website: – simply visit and set up an account. In doing so, you’ll create a free blog that you can start using right away. (Advertisements are sometimes placed on blogs to cover the costs of the hosting.) – the WordPress software itself is free to download from and can be uploaded to your own web host (check that the host supports PHP first), where it can be customised to any extent – not only with a theme, but with your own styling if you have someone with coding skills handy. (There will never be ads on a WordPress site hosted in this way, unless you choose to put them there.)

Good luck! If you need more help, check out the support page (if you’re using, or Webmonkey’s guide to getting started with WordPress (if you’re using software from

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