Residential Settlements

Twitter is valuable tool when it comes to networking and making yourself visible online. At Residential Settlements we use Twitter to share links we find useful, and to have conversations with other Twitter users – whether that’s people in real estate, or other users who could potentially become clients of ours. recently posted a list of six Twitter tools that real estate agents can use to boost effectiveness – including analytics tools, a  tool to manage your followers, and a tool that displays the most popular tweets from the people you follow.

But one important tool they didn’t mention was HootSuite. HootSuite is a paid tool that displays a dashboard with all of the tweets of people you follow, plus added functionality (it can also manage Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and others). We use HootSuite, and I find it most useful for the following features:

1. Dashboard viewAn image of the HootSuite dashboard, showing multiple streams of tweets

The HootSuite dashboard displays multiple ‘streams’ of messages at the same time, which can be customised to show streams that are most important to you. I use the dashboard to keep an eye on multiple streams – mentions, home feed, sent tweets, and certain lists – without having to click between pages on the Twitter website.

2. Scheduling

A very useful feature of HootSuite is the ability to write tweets in advance, and schedule them to go out at different times throughout the day. I often find lots of great articles to share in the morning, and use the scheduling feature to space these links are so that they get tweeted out throughout the day.

3. AnalyticsAn image of a sample HootSuite analytics report

HootSuite has a great analytics tool, which allows users to make and view reports about the clicks the links in your tweets are getting.  Because analytics are essential in measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts, having analytics built in is a big plus for HootSuite.

Even if you’re not excited about HootSuite, Twitter is still an indispensable avenue for networking and self-promotion, and some of the free tools in the afore-mentioned article can help your Twitter strategy in similar ways that HootSuite can – for example, Buffer can space out tweets throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a bunch of useful features in one package, however, HootSuite is for you. I find HootSuite great to streamline the process of keeping track of the people we follow, allowing me to spend more time engaging with other Twitter users – which is what Twitter is all about.