Kurt Opray's beautiful outdoor area

Earlier this month, a Melbourne home owner used social media to promote his home, selling it for $135,000 above the reserve and 33% above the area’s average.

While the home owner, Kurt Opray, relied on his agent for home opens and promotion through the usual channels, he took a lot of the marketing into his own hands, showcasing the home through Twitter, YouTube videos, and a purpose-built blog: northcoathouse.com.au. Using social media, Kurt was able to extend his market reach and harness the power of word-of-mouth.

^ The video Kurt used to showcase his home.

But social media wasn’t the only ingredient to the marketing campaign’s success: the other is authenticity. In Kurt’s words:

[blockquote variation=”purple”]Ask the one who has lived here for more than a year to impart their knowledge and joyous discoveries[/blockquote]

Real estate agents strive to provide knowledge and a personal touch to potential buyers, but no one is more qualified to showcase a home than someone who has lived in it and loved it. Kurt’s portrayal of genuine love for the home, plus extensive local knowledge, provided appeal that agents find hard to capture.

Kurt’s blog was full of genuine experiences of the home and the area, such as:

“We love our veggie garden, the silver beat just keeps on giving!”

“I love this shed. It swallows pretty much anything, (cars, boats, windsurfers)”

“One of the great things about living here is the Red Door corner store is (according to Google maps) 74 metres from our front door. They do great coffee, snacks and meals, they even sell milk if you’re short!”

This story doesn’t signal the end of real estate agents. Instead, it communicates an important takeaway: being authentic and knowledgeable is a powerful marketing technique that anyone selling homes (or otherwise!) would do well to take on board.

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  1. Thanks for amplifying our story which was a major win for the home owner, the Agent and ourselves – for collectively capitalising on a new approach to Real Estate marketing. I appreciate that you recognis what the media falsely portrayed – that we work WITH agents and not against them. And that the social media outlet that worked best was primarily the “updated daily” website and not twitter.
    This was a house that was helped by twitter – but certainly NOT sold by i.
    A case study is at our website and shortly the new raft of clients working with us will be live with their social media outlets.
    all the best
    John Newell
    Director – Hottest Property

  2. Bridie, that’s really nice to hear!

    Good luck with your online marketing and I hope you find the perfect buyer soon! Your
    Leschenault House blog is looking great.

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