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Sujit Kumar
Sujit K.
I am a first home buyer. As such I did not know much about buying a home in Australia and what needed to be done from legal stand point. A friend of mine referred me to Franca (from Residential Settlements). I reached out to Franca and it was one of the best decisions that I had taken. Franca was very professional, she also explained to me the various processes and was more than happy to answer my questions patiently. Franca was genuinely happy to help me through out the process. Without Franca's support I don't think the entire process would have been smooth for me. Thanks a lot more
Trish Nolan
Trish N.
Thank you to Sara and Gavin for your professionalism, promptness and friendliness during the process of settling the sale of our block of land.I highly recommend Residential more
Melissa O'Hara
Melissa O.
Second time around with Residential Settlements. A wealth of information - Absolutely professional and friendly service. WOULD DEFNITELY RECOMMEND xx one power-ball and we will be back sooner rather than later !!!!read more

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Q: Do your quotes include all fees and charges?

Our quotes are based on the information provided to us when the quote is created. If you believe your circumstances are unique, Please call us for a customised quote.

Our office is directly across the road from the carpark for G.O. Edwards Park’ at 170 Burswood Road, Burswood. Our central location allows us to get into the city quickly to sort out any settlement day issues.

Most clients prefer to have their paperwork delivered by email or post. However, if you’d rather complete your settlement paperwork face-to-face you’re welcome to visit our office.

Rarely. Acting for both parties creates a conflict of interest that is hard to avoid. Where both parties want us to act for them we seek their written consent to do so before we proceed.

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