For sale sign, by Casey Serin

Should sellers be able to market their own property?

An article on the Sold Magazine website over the weekend suggested that maybe they should.

Real estate agent Steve Basin, creator of the site, says there may be a gap in most agents’ advertising – a gap that can only be filled by sharing the seller’s perspective of the home.

“Agents can genuinely add value to their service. They will do their professional work with the vendor, but now with iPostcodes the homeowner can post fun and relevant facts about their home that no one but them would think to share. Why? Because people purchase a home for lifestyle not only shelter. We buy with emotion.” – Steve Basin

Despite being primarily promotional, the Sold Magazine article caught my attention because this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this idea – remember when a Melbourne home owner used social media to sell his home? He managed to auction it well above his reserve, and above market rate, by sharing all his favourite things about the property and its location.

Similarly, iPostcodes aims to make sharing inside info easy for sellers, who can add their knowledge and photos to online listings:

Yes, this video downplays the very important role of real estate agents. Further, iPostcodes probably doesn’t pose a serious threat to and the other leading property portals.

But the existence of this site, coupled with other selling success stories, suggests that increased seller input may be a valuable, and increasingly prominent, way of marketing property.

What do you think – should sellers take a bigger role in marketing their home?

Image by Casey Serin via Flickr.