Facebook likes are just the beginning.

With the average Australian spending over 5 hours on Facebook every month, Facebook is a powerful way for people in real estate to meet prospective clients.

The real estate agents who get the most out of their Facebook business pages tend to be the ones who:

  •     make their details readily available,
  •     showcase their local knowledge by sharing info, and
  •     become known as credible and friendly by engaging in conversation.

Here’s three fundamental steps to take if you want to make the most of a Facebook business page:

1. Populate your profile

Once you’ve created a Facebook business page, the first step is to populate the page with vital details about yourself. Be sure to include:

  •     Contact details,
  •     A logo or picture of yourself,
  •     A cover photo, and
  •     An ‘About’ summary of what you do and how you help your clients.

The great thing about Facebook is that users know exactly where to look for this information – you just need to make sure it’s there.

2. Share useful content

Give people a reason to ‘like’ you (and keep liking you) by regularly sharing content that prospective clients will find useful. Sharing content like:

  •     local news, and
  •     links to real estate ‘How to‘ guides for buyers and sellers

can help you establish yourself as a reliable figure – whether you’ve written the content or not. In fact, sharing links to other people’s real estate websites is a great way to show you’re genuinely being helpful.

3. Engage in conversation

Sharing useful content is great, but don’t forget the most powerful aspect of social media: the social! That means you should:

  •     Ask questions to promote conversation,
  •     Engage in conversation on other people’s posts, and
  •     Answer any questions your likers post on your wall.

Engaging in conversation is a great way to form relationships with potential clients – and Facebook is a great way to do this!

Have these methods worked for you? What other ways are there to promote yourself on Facebook?